The Kapit Story

Young people from the interior Kapit areas need to go to Kapit town for their secondary school education. As a result of being away from their families, they are exposed to all forms of challenges with regards to morality, faith and working culture. Unless something concrete is being done to strengthen their faith, the probability of losing them at this impressionable age is high.

Kapit has the highest unwed teenage pregnancy in Sarawak. Other issues that plague youths are drug abuse, alcoholism and truancy. Only a small percentage of Form 5 and 6 students continue their studies. One of the reasons is financial constraints. The majority of them stay back without much to do. They joined the unemployed and loiter. These school leavers without qualifications are a main concern.

What We Are Doing

Starfish refurbished, renovated and repaired an old hostel built 60 years ago and have named it Lighthouse Kapit. This is a centre focusing on young people with a vision towards building Kapit as the Home for Mission for the upper Rajang Basin with an effective, friendly and thriving Youth Centre.

This project looks into equipping and nurturing young people into the next generation of strong leaders. We would want to see the work done to impact not just the ones or twos but we want to see many families, whole villages/longhouses, the whole community even the whole region impacted, transformed, rooted, built up and established in their faith and always full of thanksgiving.

Lighthouse Kapit focus in on the following tracks:

  • Student & Youth
  • Women's Welfare
  • Leadership
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Social Concern

Programs Conducted

Since its opening in August 2017, we have conducted the following programs for the children and young people in Kapit:

  • Methodist children camp for 90 children within the Methodist track
  • Scripture Union camp for 105 students from various schools

Partner With Us

If you would like to contribute to this project, do contact us below
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