The Issue

Traditionally, the villagers had been dependent on low earning rubber tapping as monthly income for the families needs. Their income were as low as RM400 per month per farmer.

Starfish's Involvement

Starfish introduced a pilot plot of 1 acre designated for the growing of roselle plant. This project involved 20 families and is expected to raise their monthly income significantly. Further to that, it provide local self-employment for the farmers.

Starfish guaranteed a buy back of all the fruits and we processed this crop to a roselle enzyme drink. The first harvest was in XX 2016 and the second harvest was in November 2016. Our plan for the second harvest is to make jam and dried fruits.

The roselle enzyme drink is currently retailing at RM78 per bottle. For bulk purchases, please contact us at hello@starfishmy.com


Partner With Us

If you would like to contribute to this project, do contact us below

Key Challenges

Working with communities is not as straightforward as it seems. A key challenge that we face in this project is for us to break the community away having a 'receiving only' mindset. This is an education process of teaching them to fish, rather than giving them fish.

Current Projects

We are working towards developing new products from our upcoming Roselle harvest into jams, tea and dried fruits.

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