Sponsor one or a few of our children within our hostels.

Starfish Sponsor A Student
Starfish Sponsor A Student
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The trip to Pitas was really an eye-opening experience and a reminder on how often we take for granted the simplest things in life such as easy access to education. In the rural areas, getting to school is a challenge, that’s why hostels near the school help the students stay in school. - Read more at Salt X Paper's blog.


The visit further convinced us that whatever contribution we had given, pooled with contribution from other sponsors had made a difference not only to our sponsored child – but also the entire community. We saw first-hand just how impactful the programs are for the children holistically and also the various sustainable agriculture initiatives that empowered the community. - Laura Yee

What Are The Next Steps?

When we receive your request, you will be sent 2 to 3 student profiles to choose from. Student information is confidential and we want to respect that.

Where Does Your Money Go?

The money primarily goes to support the day-to-day living of the student in our hostels. This includes food, accommodation, utilities, insurance, and transportation cost to and from school. We also run auxiliary programs for the students frequently (outside of their school time) because we believe in developing holistic children and youth.

100% of your monthly donation will go directly to the sponsored child. Even though we pair your contribution to a specific child, your contribution will be pooled with other contributions towards the hostel needs in providing quality care and education to the children and youth.

What Will I Receive?

You will receive the following:

  • Two reports of the sponsored child during the course of your contribution.
  • Regular e-newsletter updates on Starfish Foundation's happenings.
  • Yearly Stakeholder Report on Starfish Malaysia Foundation.
  • An invitation to a Sponsors Trip for the year.

I Would Like To Sponsor A Child

The cost to sponsor a child is RM250 per month. Upon receiving your sponsorship request, we would then provide you more information (such as banking details) to complete your sponsorship.

Thank you for your generosity!